_celestial railroad

Celestial Railroad was presented at DOWNTOWN PHOTOROOM in Los Angeles in November 2015. The exhibition combined two of Sullivan's recent projects - An Island In The Moon and The Burial Cloud.


Celestial Railroad by Jordan Sullivan

... this is a love letter to you and to her and him and my mother and the lost girls. This is a song for the ones who left ‘cause we all leave someday and go alone. This is a dream of something different than paradise: lifelong wants, empty edens, personal wars, celestial battlefields, brief moments of calm in-between and the sad beasts of our modern nothing, the black and blue moonlight and the shadow of you reaching back but not for me. A convergence of birds. The ruins of our moment. Love is revolt. Impermanence gives me hope. We are lost in a broken world... billions of jars of light staring into a void.


"Sullivan's installation at Downtown Photoroom examined the ephemeral mechanics of beauty and nature through natural objects and various photographic processes presented on old paper and printed in a variety of scales. The show was displayed as a constellation of objects and images scattered across the floor and wall. It was a taxonomy of decayed wood, collages, miniature photographs in matchboxes and of the female form. Sullivan's examination of the natural juxtaposed with the female form gave a dignity to the body seldom presented."

-Christopher J. Johnson