_the burial cloud

Celestial Railroad was presented at DOWNTOWN PHOTOROOM in Los Angeles in November 2015. The exhibition combined two of Sullivan's recent projects - An Island In The Moon and The Burial Cloud.


... this is a love letter to you and to her and him and my mother and the lost girls. This is a song for the ones who left ‘cause we all leave someday and go alone. This is a dream of something different than paradise: lifelong wants, emp- ty edens, personal wars, celestial battle elds, brief moments of calm in-between and the sad beasts of our modern nothing, the black and blue moonlight and the shadow of you reaching back but not for me. A convergence of birds. The ruins of our moment. Love is revolt. Impermanence gives me hope. We are lost in a broken world... billions of jars of light staring into a void. 

"The Burial Cloud examines Sullivan's mothers experience as a teenage rape victim in Petacalco, Mexico in 1973 through seven paintings and seven assemblages. His mothers letters, Vietnam War tents, found objects, dirt and paint create an ethereal installation that examines survival, the bonds of love and the weight of violence."

-Christopher J. Johnson