_the sun at night

The Sun at Night
Jordan Sullivan

Rubber Factory
29 Ludlow Street
New York, New York

March 4 - April 6
At Dawn

How enduring, how we need durability.
The sky before sunrise is soaked by light.
Rosy color tints buildings, bridges, and the Seine.
I was here when she, with whom I walk, wasn’t born yet
And the cities on a distant plain stood intact
Before they rose in the air with the dust of sepulchral brick
And the people who lived there didn’t know.
Only this moment at dawn is real to me.
The bygone lives are like my own past life, uncertain.
I cast a spell on the city asking it to last.

 Czesław Miłosz, translated by Robert Hass

Rubber Factory is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Jordan Sullivan. The Sun at Night consists of images printed on translucent silk which extends the dialogue on landscape photography by tying the visual experience of a place with the physicality of the viewing experience. In a visual culture where landscapes are almost banal in their multiplicity and endangered in their existing form, Jordan seeks to preserve his personal experience of landscape. The camera operator as container of experience is manifest in the The Sun at Night as the photographic lens is subverted from a tool of accuracy to a recorder of transient shifts in light as the sun sets. In planning the exhibit, the idea of an installation where it was impossible not to touch the works became a touchstone for recreating the experience of time and space within the landscape. The works respond to the movement and touch of the viewer, reanimating the landscape and creating a bridge between Jordan’s explorations with the art context of the gallery space.