Telegraph Nights

Telegraph Nights
A million years ago, before we ever worried about what love meant, we would drive up and down Telegraph Road, and we would think about forever, as if infinity was actually fathomable. The nights were always gray, but we were so young all we could feel was blue. We spent two years on Telegraph, wearing down tape decks and searching for songs on a radio that never worked, songs that felt the way we felt. Music never feels like it does when you're sixteen and it's Friday night and you are driving on a road and dreaming of everywhere else. Sometimes nothing feels as perfect as the past, but usually nothing feels as broken, and no matter what nothing is ever as gone. I only see Telegraph in memories now, but it feels more like a river than a road. And I don’t think much about forever anymore, because everyone knows heaven isn’t infinite, and the stars aren’t just stars - they are nails boarding up a sky that hides all our secrets.