_natural history

Natural History by Jordan Sullivan
Published by Pau Wau Publications

Two books from the edition are in the library collection at The International Center For Photography

"Jordan is a rare talent. He is as good a photographer as he is a writer. He combines image and text in a sublime and intimate way. He believes very much in the tangible and the energy something holds when it’s been made by hand. Natural History is a set of books he made in 2012 after a show by the same name. He describes it as “climbing trees of ash to heaven.” The handmade edition of 15 was then published by Pau-Wau Publications. The photographs are all originals, as are the collages, prints and drawings. He painted or wrote on each page and pasted dried flowers by hand. No two copies are alike. It’s a beautiful representation of the book as a work of art. It shows the possibility of the artist’s book as a medium."
-- It's Nice That review of Natural History


About The Book:

Climbing trees of ash to Heaven.

8.5x11 inches
Edition of 15 +5 Artist Proofs

Natural History is a set of handmade books composed in the 
wake of Jordan Sullivan's solo exhibition of the same name in 
NYC in 2012.

Each book contains collages, photographs, prints, drawings, 
and watercolors and is packaged in a kraft string tie envelope 
with a limited edition inkjet print.

All copies are unique and handmade.

Each cover is cut from a World War II soldier's duffel bag.
Additional materials used in the edition include blood, ash
dust, dirt, paint, ink, sage, salvaged materials, 
film, smoke, garbage.