_the burial cloud

In 1973, when my mother was 19 years old, she was abducted and raped on a beach in Petacalco, Mexico. She had travelled with her friends to Petacalco in search of an epic wave that a pair of surferes had recently discovered. 

The book The Burial Cloud will be released as illustrated biography in early 2016.

"This series lays out the event just as it would appear as a memory; in fragmented images that shift throughout time. There is no implication of a time or place in much of the imagery, just a window inward reflecting on the human psyche. The emotion of the woman shown, the photographer’s mother, changes from bright and excited to isolated and alone. The Burial Cloud is a journey in which we must piece together a story we cannot fully understand. A story told through disjointed, stunning images that include roaring oceans, burning flora, and scenes of discontent. These ethereal photographs radiate feelings of discovery, doubt, youth, and fear. Sullivan shines light on a delicate subject while beautifully capturing his mother and a tragic past."

-Christina Nafziger, Beautiful/Deacy